Methods of Computer Networking

Computer networks can be classified into three major categories.

Local Area Network (LAN)

a local network remains confined in a relatively small space. It is useful in the provision of services to a small number of people. Networks in small offices and homes are some examples of LAN.

Small office and home networks are peer-to-peer networks, where minimum source is used and each client shares their resources with other workstations in the network.

another network is a client-server network where every customer remains the connection between the server and each other. Servers in client-server networks are of different capacities. There are two types of client-server networks:

  1. Single-service servers perform some task, say, if a file server; and
  2. Print server running multiple tasks, say, as a file server, print server, perform calculations and provide information to the customer based on the results of the calculations.

Ethernet cables, wireless networks, or other types of wires, such as power lines or telephone lines can be used to connect computers in a LAN.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide range of resources deployed in WAN. These networks spans not only large domestic area but also internationally. The connectivity of computers in branch offices of a corporate organization is an example of WAN. But the largest WAN on earth Internet, a network of many smaller networks. Besides the Internet, another large WAN PSTN which quickly converges with Internet technologies.

Wireless networks (WLAN, WWAN)

A wireless network is based on the data transmission over sets of radio transceivers. In principle is the same as a LAN or WAN. Only difference is that there are no wires between systems (clients) and servers. These types of networks are useful for locations where wired networks set up either too costly and inconvenient. It makes use of IEEE media access protocols for LANs. For connecting nodes over long distance or satellite communications for various types of cellular radio, or wireless local loop are in fashion. However, the speed and the quality of the data transfer depends largely dependent on the communication used.

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Top Hardware Issues to Consider When Selecting a Vendor

The hardest part of selecting a brand of hardware unfamiliarity could be a possibility. This is why selecting an IT network hardware manufacturer can be like buying a used car in a foreign country. When presented with several choices, our first reaction is to go with the cheapest option. This is not always the best choice, as there are to consider some important factors in making smart purchases.

When selecting network hardware, service and repair warranties serve an important role. For example, how far will travel to your network technicians on-site service? What services are included and what additional cost? Once you have made your choice of hardware, what can you expect in terms of ongoing support and upgrade options? Before proceeding with the purchase, have a clear understanding of the conditions for such services and how they relate to the network and location.

Many of the larger hardware vendors set their pricing structure with future purchases in mind. Often a customer will be able to get discounts on the first sale if the seller expects that the bill will generate future sales as well. It’s a good idea to have your long-term technology goals for the supplier to express this reason

There are currently considering a number of important factors after you’ve selected the right hardware vendor.

switch This is what you’ll be plugging the cables in the backbone of the network. It is common for networks to contain both copper and fiber optic cable; in that case, the switch will have to accommodate both. Otherwise, choose the right switch for your office will depend on the traffic that you will use in receiving and media type

Devices :. Your choice of devices should be based on performance expectations and network compatibility. Will upgrade the firmware? Will you regularly use computers or thin client terminals? What about articulated arms in the exam room? It is important to make arrangements to get to the device configuration or server, printer or laptop. In fact, physicians should always check before buying a computer, to make sure that the device they want will function properly on the network. In the treatment of the network on a regular basis, the entire system can be in sync, and will be kept informed of the current changes in the technology. This system of updated improvements will help you achieve maximum performance results while streamlining your technical needs

Servers :. Keep redundancy in mind when choosing a server. Will one machine cover the power of another that fails? If the hard drive crashes, it will bring a range of RAID drives up the slack? How many processors are there, and how much RAM? Select a backup tape drive that is large enough to store all your data still fast enough to back everything up to overnight. What about the physical installation of network equipment? Perhaps a custom rack or secure housing unit should keep the servers

safely, especially if there is a set of servers as in many EMR system set-ups.

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A Brief History of Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training or CBT is now widely adopted in education, corporate training for learning any subject of mathematics, history of sales skills, customer support and project management. -site training. The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC), an international association of technology-based training professionals, oversees and develops guidelines for the aviation industry in the design, implementation, delivery and evaluation of CBT.

In the early 90s, CBT had made its way into educational and business markets. This instruction manuals were based on text and often the user learned how to complete certain lessons. Unfortunately, computers are still progressing at that time, making it difficult to add made to classes. At the time, teachers still did not agree with the use of strictly based CBT programs. While this is a great way to teach subjects without being hunted was, met the technology. It was only in recent years that the full multimedia, which included audio and video, was integrated into these classes. From there, computer-based training only got more popular.

As technology progressed, including computer-based training became better. By the late 90s, CBT was full video, streaming audio, and a wide range of topics. This type of computer based training was picked up by universities worldwide. This is the online courses began to fully take shape. Universities provide online classes for those who just could not really follow courses. Filled with video lectures and practice exams, students were able to work at their own pace. While this sounded like a cool idea, students loved the invention. It was not only the already started to get more education, but it helped people with intellectual disabilities work on their own time.

CBT has gone far above the heads of students. Amazingly, it also reached aviation training. Computer-based training now allows prospective pilots developed simulated flights and courses to help them understand the concepts involved use. Due to the fact that many people prefer to learn in a peaceful environment so they can see often, CBT has become very popular within the aviation schools. These computer programs also teach aviation provides information, and other supplies. As a result, pilots can easily fly with their headsets David Clark, knowing that they know everything about aircraft.

Although CBT is still controversial, most universities and aviation schools have accepted the new form of learning. Students with specific learning difficulties and tough schedules, this form of e-learning helps everyone gets a good education. It is not possible to achieve more when convenience and flexibility is present. You no longer have to worry about getting to campus on time, or juggling three jobs with a range of different courses. Even airline pilots can dream of educational freedom, if it means studying spending extra hours at home with the latest aviation supplies. For the majority of students, computer-based training, the company had to open their minds to learning. Students no longer have to worry about getting behind. CBT makes it possible, no matter what level you are.

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Computer Aided Manufacturing Applications

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) refers to an automation process, which accurately converts product design and drawing or object code format readable by the machine manufacture the product. CAM has evolved from the technology of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines used in the early 1950s CNC involve the use of coded instructions in a punched paper tape and some production could control functions. CAM-controlled computer systems, however, a whole series of functions to operate the production at the same time.

CAM allows work instructions and procedures are communicated directly to equipment production. CAM system monitors production activities are performed by machines robotic milling machines, lathes, welding machines and other industrial tools. Moves the resource to different machines in the system by systematically completing each step. Finished products can also be moved within the system to other manufacturing operations such as packaging, synthesizing and making final checks, and to complete the change.

Some of the major applications of the CAM system works his glass, woodturning, metalwork and spinning graphics and optimization of the entire production process. Production of the solid of rotation, planar substrates and thread is effected by the application CAM systems.
A CAM system makes the manufacture of three-dimensional solids, via ornamental lathes with more complexity and detail. Products such as candle holders, table legs, bowls, baseball bats, crankshafts and camshafts can be manufactured using the CAM system. CAM system can also be applied to run on the process of diamond to diamond tipped cutting manufacturing materials. Aspheric optical elements of glass, crystal and other metals can also be produced by means of CAM systems.
Automated production may be applied in the fields of mechanical, electrical, industrial and aerospace engineering. Applications such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanics and kinematics can be controlled using CAM systems. Other applications such as electromagnetism, ergonomics, aerodynamics and propulsion and materials may also use computer aided manufacturing.

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Computer Engineering Has Changed the World and the Way We Study Engineering

Computer Engineering has changed the world when we were kids, no one had a computer, and few ever suggested such a thing as a personal computer. By the late ’80s and early’ 90s began the personal computer to get a grip and the online services and the Internet then got a foothold, computers became more than just calculators or digital slot machines. Moore’s Law, named after Gordon Moore, Intel’s founder, stated that “the number of transistors will double cheaply on an integrated circuit to be placed every two years.” This remarkable statement has proven to be true and the central cause of the explosion of the Internet and personal computing can be.

In the old days people into jobs where they can use tools such as calculators, typewriters (or word processors), copiers, printers, fax as well as plain paper, pens, pencils and rulers to perform their work . On their off time, they can read the newspaper, watch the game or a movie or talking to a friend. If the friend lived far away they had to call long distance on the phone. These days you can get all these things at the same time online, while also doing your job! Computer engineers have created and continue to create a world of seemingly endless possibilities. The more people come online offers more opportunities for applications that entertain, educate and provide design solutions to the challenges of our lives. Society has changed in so many ways, not educated in the least in the way we and the diplomas and certificates necessary to obtain fulfilling careers come with high salaries. Schools offer access to degree programs online. This allows for more flexible working arrangements that make the difference for those who have been working while the extent that they can bring to the next level in their careers or make the opportunities college degree can get offer can do.

many college search websites showcase innovative online training new and more established schools alike. Prospective students should look at schools and get information about their programs. It costs nothing educated about getting trained to get! It makes sense to look at different schools to decide which school and the program is the right one to achieve your career goals in computer engineering.

These schools are just a few of the quality of schools featured on that offer computer technology.

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